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"I've been seeing Dr Devine for over 6 years now and he is absolutely the best! As an active triathlete "Jim" not only helps me maintain my flexibility he is MAGIC when it comes to adjusting my occasional acute sports injury's. I never miss a day of working out! He is also a wealth of information for the latest in nutritional data and offers sound advice to help me meet my demanding (and picky) physiological needs. I wouldn't trust anyone else, he is simply the best! "

-Susan Hasty

"I met Dr. Devine at the gym. After several conversations about how chiropractic could enhance my balance, strength, and over all wellness I hesitatingly made the decision to see Dr. Devine. I was skeptical at first and had always thought chiropractic was a bunch of hog-wash. My initial thoughts couldn’t have been more wrong. The results are amazing, I’ve never felt better!!! (Chiropractic even helped my golf game)."

- Eric Lenz

"I have gone to over 10 different chiropractors and Dr. Devine is certainly my favorite. I have had very little back pain since I started visiting him and my neck is considerably better. He has a great philosophy about health and wellness and we constantly are discussing ways to improve my diet and my exercise routine. He has a great assortment supplements and super foods as well as a variety of proteins from raw brown rice protein to goatein. He is always friendly and upbeat and has a phenomenal staff. He does whatever is necessary to accommodate his patients. He is professional and down to earth, you just can't find a better doctor than Dr. Devine!"

– Kris D

"By far, Dr. Devine is not only divinely competent, he is also supremely effective in his treatment! In my greatest need for truly immediate, results-oriented care, he not only delivered but he also demonstrated the most genuinely caring and compassionate care I've ever experienced from a chiropractor. He always "begins with the end in mind" and treats you intentionally with a "divine" plan of healing in mind. Typically listening intently to my complaints, he would immediately set out to skillfully and gently apply his well-honed interventions that brought relief, but also would always send me off with some homework "booster" exercises. My follow-up appointments were consistently helpful, and his successful pattern of treatment lasted to the very last day of seeing this divinely gifted practitioner until I left Seattle for Philly - and I'm still searching for someone just like him! He's truly one of a kind and I'll never forget his par excellence service, evidence-based treatments backed up with his many years of solid experience, his compassionate touch, heart-warming bedside manners, and above all, his smiles and encouragingly positive attitude! Thank you, James, for all your wonderful years of care - miss you terribly and hope to come out just for a tune-up one of these days. "

– Joseph Kumi

"I work as a ICU/Recovery room nurse, and I am also an avid runner. I injured my back from overuse last year, and sought numerous doctors and other health care specialists (physical therapy, massage therapy) for help this year, including other chiropractors. I really didn't feel that I got any better after seeing the other chiropractors until I went to see Dr. Devine & Dr. Moore recently. I was getting frustrated that I wasn't getting any relief from my low back/hip pain, and a nurse friend suggested I try chiropractic again. So, I found Dr. Devine through Citysearch. After reading the glowing reviews about his practice, I decided to try chiropractic again. Well, after about 5 visits now, I have literally no low back/hip pain !!! Dr. Devine has such a great bed-side manner, and he is so easy to talk to. He immediately puts you at ease, and is a great teacher about your overall health and well being. He really cares and it is not just about giving you an adjustment and your done. I also had the opportunity to get trigger point therapy/adjustments from Dr. Moore. With his help, my hip/shoulder muscle pain is gone and the tension and stress is gone as well. Dr. Moore has also taught me some valuable stretching exercises, which has really helped me as well. I am just so glad that I gave chiropractic another try, and feel so much better already. It just feels so good to not have that annoying pain all the time.... If you are hesitating trying a chiropractor, please go see Drs. Devine & Moore at Devine Chiropractic. You will realize on your first visit that you have found the right place for you for pain relief and great care."

– Sandy K.

"About 25 years ago, I was diagnosed with an inner ear imbalance. I met with hearing specialists, had an MRI and CT scan done and was told there was no cure - it was something I was going to have to live with. After receiving approximately six treatments from Dr. Devine, the dizziness was 100% gone! Prior to treatment, I was restricted from doing so many things; i.e., yoga, swimming, etc.; but now I can finally get back to enjoying life to the fullest! I absolutely recommend Dr. Devine - thank you for giving me my quality of life back. "

- Lenida.

"I was referred to Dr. Devine by a colleague of mine. In the course of only one week of treatment, I have experienced incredible results. My posture is better, my focus and mental clarity have improved and of course, the neck/back pain I was experiencing has disappeared. Furthermore, I told the Dr. Devine I had just visited an MD had X-rays and an MRI done on my knee that has been giving me trouble for years. I thought I completely damaged the knee either by mountain climbing or sports. The MD reviewed my pictures and found nothing out of the ordinary. Dr. Devine, in the matter of seconds, corrected my knee (my femur was out of alignment) and it feels as if nothing had ever existed. Thanks so much! "

- S.Raney.

"Dr. Devine is an outstanding Chiropractor. His sincere care for his patients coupled with his mastery of modalities has given me the best treatment of my life. In 20 years, and with several different Chiropractors I have never found such a knowledgeable, genuine and dynamic professional. I can not say enough about Dr. Devine, his remarkable individual treatments and his impact on my health. "

- Shonna P.

" Dr. Jim Devine and I met, fittingly enough, on the day after my 40th Birthday recital, on which I played Eb, Bb, and bass clarinets. An excruciating headache I'd been experiencing since before the recital even began brought me to his office. It had been years since I'd had any kind of chiropractic work done, and was definitely ready for an adjustment, but what I didn't realize was just how critical that initial treatment, and the sessions that followed, would prove to be. In the past, my impression of chiropractic care, and of chiropractors in general, was that of the fast-food style in- and-out "smack 'em & crack 'em" variety, but Dr. Devine's thorough and sensitive care over these many years has really opened my mind, and literally my body, to the great benefits that chiropractic care, especially as served up by Dr. Devine, can provide. As a clarinet player, I need consistent treatment, involving my neck, upper and middle back, wrists, hands, and fingers, and I know from my own experience that not all chiropractors are willing to or are capable Dr. Devine’s adjustments have been, and continue to be, extremely effective. I cannot imagine being able to do what I do, especially at this stage in my career, without Dr. Devine's assistance. Jim is a warm, bright, thoughtful, and caring person whom I can recommend without any reservation whatsoever. Plus, he's right down the street from Benaroya, so what are you waiting for?!"

- Jennifer Nelson,
Principal Clarinet, Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra;
extra clarinet/sax w/Seattle Symphony & Seattle Opera

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